• Maria Jordan

Out with the old, in with the new

We bought a new bedroom set and decided to sell our current bed and chest of drawers. Problem was, my son carved his name in one of the bed posts and my cats had really worn down the chest of drawers with their claws. Rather than practically give it away I decided to sand it down and paint it to get top dollar. One thing...while easy to do, it took sooooooooo long because there are so many pieces involved with a four poster bed and a large chest of drawers with six drawers. Anyway, at first I thought, "yeah, this is going to be my new thing! I am going to refurnish furniture and sell them to make money. I love to work with my hands." WRONG! I am OVER it. The reason I'm posting this project is because not all projects are easy and flawless, in fact, I learn something new with every project (and that's usually what NOT to do). I need to finish this project and get it out of my basement. Wish me luck!


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