• Maria Jordan

How to Repair a Water Damaged Ceiling...

We had a slow leak from our roof that dripped through the exhaust fan onto the bathroom ceiling. It caused the paint on the ceiling to bubble and peel. After we replaced our roof I decided to repair the bathroom ceiling. It was fairly easy. Here are a few pictures of the progress and completion of this project. I'm pretty happy with the way it came out.

Essential Tools: electric sander, plaster, plaster knives, pre mixed plaster, ladder, razor scraper, wet/dry vacuum, mildew resistant primer

Instructions: First, sand down and/or scrape off all of the old bubbling and chipping paint. Next, using the pre-mixed plaster sparkle it across the ceiling. There are several kinds of plaster and pre mixed plaster. Some dry faster than others so ask your local hardware store for recommendations. I had to put 3 layers of the plaster on my ceiling because the damage was pretty extensive. Let each layer dry before moving on to the next layer. Let the plaster dry overnight then sand it down. Finally, paint the ceiling using a mildew resistant primer.


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